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Texas grandmother, mayor kills alligator for eating her mini-horse

Posted at 4:40 PM, Sep 19, 2018

The town of Livingston might have some of the toughest leadership in Texas. 

Its white-haired mayor may look like a typical grandmother, but she just shot a 12-foot alligator suspected of eating one of her family’s miniature horses.

The grandmother, traveler and avid Astros fan got 12 foot, 580-pound creature at their family ranch along the Trinity River.

“One shot in the head and he went under. Typically, they'll do what they call a death roll and just roll over and over and over. Well, this one didn’t,” she said.

Cochran said typically they see smaller gators on their property, but this one was big enough to take down the horse, which is about the size of a big lab.

Polk County is one of a few core counties where you can only kill a gator 20 days of the year. It must be baited and caught first.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife window is open now. 

The gator is now at the local taxidermist where its head and tail will be mounted.

Cochran will have the body made into boots.