Swarm of bees attack Massachusetts man while landscaping, dies hours later

Posted at 4:33 PM, Sep 27, 2017

A swarm of bees fatally attacked a 48-year-old Foxboro, Massachusetts man on Saturday while leaf blowing, the Sun Chronicle reported

Eric Dahl was attacked by the swarm Saturday afternoon and he was transported to an area hospital. Dahl's wife Alison told the Sun Chronicle the original cause of death was a heart attack. 

Alison Dahl said her husband did not have allergies to bee stings and had been stung before without ill effects.

She told the Boston Globe that, "They think the bee stings caused the heart attack."

Alison Dahl said that he told her that he had been strung multiple times and felt like he was going to pass out. She said her husband was in great health, and ran daily.