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Sending a message to congress, Phoenix artist creates ‘Violet Protest’ to reunite 'reds and blues'

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Posted at 5:08 AM, Jan 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-22 08:54:03-05

PHOENIX — When it comes to our nation’s symbols, the color red is typically attributed to Republicans and the color blue to Democrats.

One artist is sewing the pieces of a fragmented and divided America.

“The idea is that as the makers are working on their squares whether they are red or blue (in the way that they practice their politics), they are taking in the other side and weaving those things together,” says Ann Morton, creator of the Violet Protest.

Morton said her project began a year ago, even before the current times we are living through. She decided that through her artwork, she’d get squares made from people around the country to showcase how the two colors, combined, make violet.

“We have all 50 states represented,” she added.

In March, the Phoenix Art Museum will begin to showcase the work she and hundreds of others have so passionately dedicated themselves to.

“Sometimes I am brought to tears by the work,” adds Morton.

Every week, makers from around the country send her their uniquely made squares. The average maker sending her about seven to eight squares.

“I have had several who send me hundreds,” she adds. "It’s really quite amazing to’s a bundle of 50 and we have 118 of these bundles.”

The message in each of these squares is unique, and her goal is to send a bundle of 50 to each and every member of Congress by the end of the year.

"The whole goal of the project is to support core respect citizenship compromise. Let’s go back to those values when you make your decision... somehow in the frenzy of Washington they are easily forgotten, “ adds Morton.

And speaking of Washington -- displayed at the museum will also be the square of the week, like one that displays the scales of justice, received in September.

"And that was the week that we lost Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” adds Morton.

Morton says she has about 200 squares she’s opening up this weekend to end this commemorative week.

“Somewhere in there is the square for the inauguration week.”

If you would like more information about how to participate in the project, you can visit the website.