Does shopping for groceries online really save time and money?

Posted at 1:58 PM, Aug 11, 2017

For those who are busy, using an online grocery delivery service might be their new best friend. But, does it save time and money?

Gretchen Yoder, a mom of two teenagers is used to cutting out coupons and using them at the grocery store each week. She to put online grocery shopping to the test to see if it would save her time and even money.

Yoder said her biggest concern about online grocery shopping is making sure she gets the best bang for her buck.

While she did like how the delivery program allowed her to shop aisle like she would at the store, Yoder quickly became frustrated that many of her coupon items weren’t on sale online. 

When it came to produce, Yoder found that it was hit or miss. Avocados were more expensive online than in-store, but strawberries were less expensive online. 

After clicking around the site, Yoder noticed a section she said is a perk to shopping online.

“Shop by history would be really awesome for some of the items I shop all the time," she said. 

When it came time to check out, the fee for shipping her items to her was $9.00. Yoder felt that was equivalent to gas money for the delivery man. However, she says online shopping could save her time during those busy weeks and maybe money at the store the times her teenagers tag along on the trip. 

“I do find that I do go over most of the time because I have teenagers that toss things into the basket that I don’t realize they are there until they are rung up," she said.

Even though Yoder never left her kitchen during her shopping excursion, she said it wasn’t as user friendly as she would have liked.

“I don’t think I'd use it. I don’t think it would save me time or money.”