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Paul Revere, Samuel Adams time capsule dug up in Boston

Posted at 1:42 PM, Dec 11, 2014

A time capsule buried by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams is being dug up in Boston – but will the contents be revolutionary?

The Boston Globe reports that the Revolutionary War patriots embedded the capsule into the cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House during construction in 1795.

The cornerstone was removed because of repairs. The capsule is believed to include items that were considered historical even in the early days of the Republic.

After the capsule is chiseled and sawed free, it will be x-rayed and its contents revealed next week, said Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin to CNN.

The capsule was previously unearthed in 1855, also during repairs to the building. Additional items were added and the capsule was sealed back into a box.

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