One-on-one with America's 'toughest sheriff' Joe Arpaio after loss

Posted at 9:32 PM, Nov 09, 2016

After losing his 7th bid for sheriff of Maricopa County to Paul Penzone, we're getting a softer side to America's "toughest sheriff." 

Joe Arpaio opened up to Phoenix-based KNXV about his campaign, his 24 years in office, and what's next for him.  

He said there was one thing that hurt more than losing the election. 

"I will mention one regret, is the people, they believed in me," he said. "They supported me and donated money to me, I don't want to feel like I let them down." 

He said he was surprised at his defeat. 

"There were many forces against me this time," he said. "But I still gave it a shot, I didn't leave." 

He also admitted he underestimated the pending criminal and civil cases against him. 

"Made a few mistakes, but not intentional," he said. "I don't want to get into the civil case, but one day the truth will come out, believe me." 

He said the election taught him a valuable lesson. 

"I learned who my friends were, especially this last time around," he said. "I don't hold grudges, but this political system is sad."

Now that his reign has come to an end, he said he'll have to learn to adjust. 

"I haven't had a vacation in 24 years, so I'll see my wife for a change." 

However, he said if the man he supported from the very beginning calls from the White House, "It would be difficult to turn him down." 

"When I shake hands, nobody breaks my bond," he said.