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Men who helped the US during war now pleading to get their families out of Afghanistan

Afghanistan families
Posted at 4:18 PM, Aug 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-27 22:23:24-04

They helped the United States during the war in Afghanistan, and now they’re pleading for help to get their families out.

We’re not sharing the names or identities of these two men because of the risk of the Taliban seeing their stories and finding their families.

“Already my family is in threat of Taliban, I don’t want to put little bit more of a target on Taliban, this is reason I don’t want to show my face,” one man told us.

Both men shared documents with ABC15 on how they got to the US with special visas after helping the US Army and the US Embassy.

The first man tells us he is working to get his wife, mother and brother evacuated immediately because of the target that is on them.

The second man has his mother, and brother who he’s trying to evacuate immediately as well.

“They’re still looking to get my brother, to punish him,” he told ABC15.

Both men are in contact with Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s office and Senator Mark Kelly’s office.

Both offices confirmed to ABC15 that they have received information from these individuals, and are working to send information to the Department of State.