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Las Vegas residents opens up about what #VegasStrong means to her

Posted at 1:03 PM, Oct 01, 2018

Las Vegas is a spectacle. It’s a desert oasis where many come to gamble and party. To many people, it’s an adult playground of sorts, but not for resident Ruth Kiley.

Kiley has lived in Las Vegas for more than 60 years. To her, what makes this city special isn't the lights or the casinos. 

"The big thing ‘bout this town is my heart is here,” explains Kiley. “My three kids live here. Five of my six grandchildren live here; it's home to me."

That is what made last year's mass shooting personal for her.

"It's hard to grasp,” Kiley says. “That's, that's happening. I’ve heard people say this about the school shootings and that sort of thing. It's hard to believe it's happening to you or to your town or your school or your place or business, but that's the way it felt. It's hard to believe because Las Vegas is known for being Sin City, but not that kind of sin."

While this attack has brought this community together, it's also brought support from all over the world. 

"You begin to put it past you. There were several people who were part of the town...there were so many that were from out of state it doesn't just make Vegas it takes in the whole country. 

So, what does #VegasStrong mean to Kiley?

"That we're willing to fight back in a way, and to get back on with our daily lives but not to forget what happened,” says Kiley. “And to try to never have that happen again."