Kentucky Jodi Arias: Shayna Hubers' mom solicits donations on Facebook for new trial

Posted at 6:12 PM, Sep 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-21 21:20:06-04

Both women were beautiful.

Both women killed their on-again-off-again boyfriends.

Both women karaoked throughout their interrogation videos.

Both women claim self defense. 

Now, both women have their mothers online soliciting donations to help them continue to fight their legal battles.

While Jodi Arias teases a potential appeal, Shayna Hubers, who was found guilty of killing Ryan Poston, has been granted a new trial.

After her conviction, it was revealed that one of the jurors was actually a convicted felon. In the state of Kentucky, felons legally cannot serve on a jury.

CliffsNotes version, Poston was trying to break up with Hubers on the night he was murdered. "I shot him probably six times. I shot him in the head. He fell onto the ground," she says in an interrogation video. "He was twitching some more. I shot him a couple more times just to make sure he was dead."

Her most notorious line from the interrogation video though... “He’s very vain. One of our last conversations we had that was good was that he wants to get a nose job,” she told a police officer. “And I shot him right here. I gave him his nose job he wanted.” See video above.

As Hubers and team prepare for a new trial, Shayna's mother took to Facebook on Wednesday to ask supporters for financial help.

"I am Sharon Hubers, Shayna's mother. I want to thank each of you from all over the world, for your encouragement and support for my daughter, Shayna, during this tragic time. Our family appreciates your loving kindness so very much, and are humbled by the overwhelming positive response to the Friends of Shayna Facebook page. As many of you may already know, Shayna's conviction was overturned recently. Shayna is now facing another trial which we must prepare for. Our family has exhausted our financial resources due to all the legal fees we have already paid for her defense and the first trial. I am certain many of you are parents, and understand the seriousness of this situation, and how critical it is for Shayna to be given the best defense possible. The legal fees to pay for another trial will be extensive. I have never asked for money from anyone in my life up to now. But as Shayna's mother, I must swallow my pride and ask for help for my child in any way I can. We are asking for donations from each of you who are willing and able to help Shayna with attorney and legal fees. A $10.00 donation would be most appreciated, or whatever you are able to give. If you are able to give more than $10.00, we would be most grateful..."

Which sounds strikingly similar to the video that Bill and Sandy Arias posted on YouTube in November of 2014 seeking funds to help finance Jodi's appeal, “We love our daughter,” Sandy Arias said. “We support her and we stand behind her.”

The National ENQUIRER reported in October of 2014 that Jodi Arias had raised nearly $30,000 from online supporters with a goal of $250,000 to use to obtain a new attorney.

Did you watch the Jodi Arias trial? Would you watch Shayna's new trial?