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‘It breaks my heart’: Fewer women getting mammograms due to COVID-19 fears

Posted at 11:50 AM, Jul 17, 2020

Fewer women are scheduling mammograms due to COVID-19 fears, according to a local doctor.

At TriStar Summit Medical Center, Dr. Rhonda Halcomb with Centennial Women’s group, said they’re being careful.

“From the time that you check in here, patients are pre-screened and screened, we provide masks and hand sanitizer here in the building, and here in the office," said Halcomb.

Even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic, she said routine mammograms are still important.

“Breast cancer, in general, is the number one cancer in women.”

She’s sad that fewer people are showing up, or postponing their routine checks.

“It breaks my heart in general that people are scared to take care of themselves,” Dr. Halcomb said.

First hand, she has seen how mammograms can save lives.

“Breast cancer to me has affected several of my family members. I had early breast cancer detected by screening.”

Dr. Halcomb said death rates have decreased since the 1970s due to more people getting diagnosed with breast cancer - early.

“Mammograms detect breast cancer before someone can feel a breast cancer before the doctor can feel the breast cancer in the breast,” Dr. Halcomb said, “Mammograms are just as important as they’ve ever been.”

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