To haggle or not? 7 times to ask for a discount

Posted at 10:29 AM, Feb 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-22 13:18:09-05

Ever wonder how some people seem to always score deals? Maybe it's because they simply ask.

The only thing they can say is 'no' right?

With some help from money savings website Wisebread and shopping blogger Nedra McDaniel of Northern Kentucky, here are seven times to ask for a discount:

  1. When you pay cash, especially for a big item. Ask at gas stations, restaurants and doctor's offices. Credit card companies charge businesses fees, around 3 percent. If you're making a big purchase, say $1,000, that's $30 the business has to pay the credit card company. The manager may agree to split the difference with you if you agree to pay cash.
  2. Whenever an item has a slight scratch. "If it has a scuff mark, or if it has some wear on it....where it doesn't look 100 percent as it should, then definitely talk to a manager and ask for a discount," said McDaniel from the blog Adventure Mom.
  3. When you get poor service at a restaurant, ask the manager for some money off.
  4. When you buy a car, both new and used. Dealers expect you to haggle so the price is likely marked up from what they will accept.
  5. The list prices on large appliances, much like cars, are set extra high. For appliances, this is so stores have room to lower them for sales. According to Wisebread, most store managers have the discretion to lower prices by 15 percent.
  6. When it's out of the package. "Definitely ask for a deal if it is an open box item. So if it's already out of the box, they can definitely give you a discount," said McDaniel.
  7. When the business may be going out of business, such as a company closing some stores.

So march up to the register and simply inquire about some money off the sticker price.  If you don't ask, the answer is always no!