White House COVID-19 task force says there's possibly new fast-spreading 'USA variant' of virus

Posted at 2:27 PM, Jan 08, 2021

In a new report, the White House Coronavirus Task Force says that there could be a fast-spreading "USA variant" of the deadly virus.

In a report dated on Jan. 3, which was obtained by CNN, the task force said the new USA variant, in addition to the U.K. variant, might be 50% more transmissible and is already spreading.

According to the report, the task force said a surge in recent cases is near twice the rate during the spring and summer, CNN reported.

The task force is calling for an "aggressive mitigation to match a much more aggressive virus," CNBC reported.

According to CNN, the task force added that the U.S. remains at a high plateau of 140-150,000 confirmed and suspected COVID admissions at hospitals per week.

Pfizer researchers' new preliminary study suggests that their vaccine can still work against the two new mutated viruses discovered in Great Britain and South Africa, The Associated Press reported.

According to The AP, the study showed that the mutation did not block the vaccine.