Vietnam vet hands out free meals to truckers at Utah rest stop

Posted at 10:19 AM, Apr 14, 2020

A veteran is doing his part to make sure truckers don't go hungry while many restaurants are closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Richard McFadden is an 81-year-old veteran Navy pilot who served in the Vietnam War. He normally collects and sells scrap metal to benefit hospice facilities. But he is putting that on hold to give free lunches to truckers who stop at a Utah rest area off I-80. He's also giving away free toilet paper and treats for the truckers' dogs. t

"I'm glad to be able to help these guys and women," McFadden said. "And it's like I said, they gotta eat, and nobody will let them go to walk-ups. So I come out here three days a week, my wife makes the lunches, and I bring them out."

As far as donations go, McFadden said the truckers often offer him money for his services.

"I don't want them, but they insist. So I just go buy more meat," McFadden said.

McFadden says he will continue to give out lunches as long as he needs to. He says he's honoring social distancing, and he wants to make sure truckers are OK on the road.

This story was originally published by Dakota Cleland on KSTU in Salt Lake City.