90-year-old woman reunites with 'true love of 67 years' after overcoming COVID-19

Posted at 11:42 AM, Jun 12, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A camera captured the heartwarming moment a 90-year-old woman reunited with her husband after overcoming COVID-19.

Hooverwood Living in Indianapolis says Joyce spent about a month away from her love Don as she battled the coronavirus in their COVID-19 unit.

“I have to cry from happiness,” said Don as he reunited with his wife.

During the emotional reunion, staff helped Joyce get out of her wheelchair to give Don a long overdue hug.

In the video posted by the nursing home, Joyce can be heard saying “I look so terrible,” but her husband reassures her that she “looks so beautiful.” Joyce responds with, “how can you be so cute?”

The couple’s grandson, David Klaus, wrote in a Facebook post that Don is Joyce’s “true love of 67 years.”

“She and her beloved husband Don have been separated this whole time, which proved heartbreaking for us to witness their resulting loneliness and loss of hope at times,” wrote Klaus.

Klaus says his family lives down the street from the nursing home and they ride their bikes most days to speak to Joyce and Don through the windows to keep them company.