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After man trashes Free Little Library, non-profit creates book drive

Posted at 10:35 AM, Dec 23, 2020

BALTIMORE — It's not just the news of a Free Little Library being vandalized that is turning heads in a Baltimore community. The narration of the crime itself is worth its weight in laughter.

"I thought it was hilarious when I sped it up and cut it," said Jacqui Cummings. "I said to myself, 'you don't need to fight over it, just make a joke of it.'"

The initial vandalism happened on November 7th around 8 p.m. outside Notre Maison Connects. The non-profit focuses on empowering youth while supporting families and strengthening communities.

Cummings is the founder of the organization. She said when she first saw the damage, she shed a tear.

"I did because I do a lot of work myself," she said.

Cummings is no stranger to hands-on-work. Not only did she do metal-work to create the Free Little Library, she's experienced in hard labor, helping build day-care centers in other countries.

"I love giving back and educating," she said.

In light of the vandalism Cummings launched a community book drive. So far more than 200 books have been donated.

"Some are children’s level books and some adult books," said Cummings " There are different books for all levels and I like that variety."

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