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Sunday marks 100 days to go before the election

The pandemic means more campaign questions than answers
Sunday marks 100 days to go before the election
Posted at 6:03 AM, Jul 25, 2020

100 days to go before a presidential election, is usually the start of the final sprint before election day.

During a pandemic however, uncertainty looms.


Will voters be engaged?

With conventions scaled back or canceled, rallies most likely not taking place and door knocking reduced, campaigns are going to have to get creative on how they reach viewers.

Zoom has a place, but is the novelty wearing off?


Who will Joe Biden pick for VP?

While this question would be asked in a non-pandemic year, it still is one of the biggest questions in the campaign.


Will mail-in balloting create chaos?

In many states, voters will be voting in different ways this election. Are election offices ready? Will it create legal challenges?


All of this is creating uncertainty and setting the stage to make the presidential debates the most consequential this election.