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President Trump set to receive millions in benefits from American taxpayers

Former presidents are given a salary, allowances
Donald Trump
Posted at 2:09 PM, Jan 19, 2021

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump will land in Florida via Air Force One a few hours before President-elect Biden's inauguration on Wednesday.

While he will lose access to the presidential aircraft at noon ET, he will still enjoy several perks of being a former president for the rest of his life.


Even though some former presidents earn money through speeches and books after they leave office, taxpayers do provide a stipend.

Former presidents receive around $219,000 annually and raises are given to match what current cabinet secretaries receive.

Former presidents also get Secret Service protection valued at about $1 million year year, and are able to employ staffers and use office space.

For the first 30 months after leaving office, $150,000/year is allocated for staffers. That drops to $96,000 annually after that.

In recent years, former presidents have spent around $500,000/year of taxpayer money for office space locations.

Former presidents are also entitled access to mail privileges, according to a recently published government report.


The perks are guaranteed under the Former Presidents Act, but if the Senate votes to convict Trump during the upcoming impeachment trial that could change.

Benefits, could in theory, be suspended by the Senate if they vote to convict him on the Article of Impeachment passed by the House.