3 Junk Food Favorites Turned Into Fancy Dishes

Posted at 3:08 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 09:49:56-04

Fish sticks, mac’ and cheese, hot dogs – Let's be honest, we love them, but they could use an upgrade. Jimmy Rhoades teamed up with world class chef Matthew Grunwald to take these junk food favorites and get them to gourmet status.

1.  Macaroni and Cheese

When you're elevating the boxed mac’ and cheese, the produce section is always going to be your best friend. Get some fresh baby spinach and add a little extra cream (around a half-a-cup) for freshness and richness. Place the spinach right on top of the macaroni and cheese and the residual heat is going to wilt the spinach. That’s when you’ll know this delicious dish is ready to serve.

2.  Fish Sticks

This is a simple take on a classic. Add mixed greens in a bowl, and then give it a fresh squeeze of lemon on top, and a little drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Now you’ve got a fresh salad! Just add your fish sticks on top. You don’t even need salt and pepper because the fish sticks are already so salty.

3.  Hot Dogs

First make a tomato and onion relish by taking some cherry tomatoes then slicing those in half, and then thinly slice up a red onion. Now, toss all that in a pan, heat on the oven at medium heat, and add kosher salt, cracked pepper, sherry vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil. Let your relish marinate in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Put your hot dogs on a plate and top with your homemade relish. Finally, squirt on some ketchup and you’re ready to eat. Enjoy!

Now that’s taking the junk out of your food!

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