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Valley siblings go missing in Europe

Posted at 6:48 PM, Mar 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-16 21:48:58-04

PHOENIX — Two sisters are missing in Europe.

That's what friends of Valley Dr. Lila Ammouri and her sister, Susan Frazier, are saying after the two left for a week-long trip and never returned.

Dr. David Biglari, a longtime friend, and colleague of Dr. Ammouri, says it’s been more than four weeks since the siblings connected with friends and family.

Now loved ones are worried they may never come home.

“We’re not sure if they’re alive or not,” he told ABC15.

Dr. Biglari says Ammouri and Frazier flew to Switzerland on February 5.

“No one has heard from them since the 10th,” he said with sadness.

It's a grim reality that has left many unanswered questions.

“Are they being held somewhere, hostage? Held for ransom?” asked Dr. Biglari.

Another question on his mind: are they still alive?

He says Dr. Ammouri is a prominent physician in the Valley and her sister is an established registered nurse. Both love their jobs, so when they didn’t show up for work on February 15, red flags were raised.

“It’s very odd. Not typical behavior at all,” said Dr. Biglari.

Friends and family did not waste any time, contacting U.S. authorities at the embassy.

“And local authorities here, which everyone is in the loop. State department has been made aware of and so is the Interpol,” added Dr. Biglari.

“Do you think they would have gone to Ukraine?” asked ABC15.

“No, it was not on the agenda,” said Dr. Biglari.

He also says the feeling of worry grows with each passing day.

“I’ve contacted them…email, text, there is no reply…with anything. It’s very discouraging and frightening,” he said.

Though he assures the medical community will keep searching, until their friends are home.

“We really wish for…safe return of these sisters that are very loved by the local community and friends,” added Dr. Biglari.