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Local gas station owners drop price to $3.99

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Posted at 10:42 PM, Jul 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-16 13:01:47-04

You may have noticed that gas prices have been on the decline recently. The national average plunged 19 cents over the past two weeks. AAA tells us Arizona saw a 12-cent drop just last week alone. ABC15 caught up with a local couple whose gas station remains the talk of the town.

The owners of CK Food Mart lowered their price again on Sunday, to $3.99 a gallon. Their hope is to offer the lowest gas price in the country. 

"Hey, thank you for your price," says one customer.

CK Food Mart, at the corner of 20th Street and Osborn Road, continues to make national headlines for what drivers are calling: 'great customer service.'

"I put $60 and oh, I filled it up," says Eric Johnson, driver.

We first introduced you to the husband-and-wife duo last month and since then, they believe they are starting to drive the local market.

"People [are] following us when we drop the price. Costco, other companies are dropping the price. My mission is everybody bring them down to help the community," says Jaswinder Singh, owner of CK Food Mart.

New data, from the Energy Information Administration, shows falling oil prices are contributing to the lower pump prices across the country. AAA says 10 states saw a large drop in prices over the last week. Arizona was one of them, with the state average now at $5.02.

"We don't want it to get any higher because, like me, we can't afford it," says Michelle Hovel, driver.

Michelle Hovel hopes this is a sign of a downward trend but in the meantime, she's driving across town to find the best deals. She heard about CK Food Mart from a friend's social media post.

"So, I thought, you know what, I have to come down here because I've never seen prices like this," says Hovel.

Locals are tipping to show their appreciation.

"Gasoline is just too crazy. It could literally cripple, it's crippled our country, especially after COVID. Nobody has money for anything and now, everything goes up higher and higher. Thank God for people like these," says Johnson.

Drivers have come from all over the country to meet the owners. They continue to receive thanks and praise for their giving hearts.

"This is our mission — to help our people, our community, our neighborhood, serving humanity," Ramandeep Kaur, an owner of CK Food Mart.

They hope to expand on that mission, with future plans of serving the homeless.