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Timeline: Valley 'anesthesiologist' Dr. Goyal exposed by ABC15

Timeline: Valley 'anesthesiologist' Dr. Goyal exposed by ABC15
Posted at 1:33 PM, Nov 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-12 23:46:32-05

Did Arizona's dental board cover up for a dentist who faked and forged his anesthesia credentials? 

The evidence ABC15 uncovered about Dr. Pankaj Goyal was so damning and obvious that he was quickly arrested after our investigation. So why did the dental board ignore our repeated warnings and the exact same evidence?

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These latest developments raise serious questions about whether the dental board can be trusted to do its job and keep you safe. 

Take a look at the timeline below for ABC15's extended investigation into Goyal's anesthesia credentials. Click on each link below for detailed coverage at each event:

July 6 – ABC15 airs a two-part investigation exposing that Goyal obtained an official anesthesia permit from the Arizona Dental Board using a series of false, forged and fabricated documents. ABC15 also revealed the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners executive director received multiple warnings in writing about Goyal’s credentials dating back years. But board officials refused to provide information or documentation about what happened with those warnings and declined to answer questions about their vetting of Goyal.

July 10 – Governor Doug Ducey demanded immediate answers and action from Arizona’s Dental Board after ABC15’s investigation.

July 12 – Dr. Pankaj Goyal was arrested by the Arizona Attorney General’s office and charged with multiple felonies, including forgery and fraud.

July 16 – The executive director of Arizona’s dental board abruptly retires.

August 1 – Governor Doug Ducey called on Arizona’s dental board to immediately suspend or revoke Goyal’s full dental license and criticizes board officials for a lack of action.

August 3 – The Arizona dental board rejected calls from Governor Doug Ducey to take stronger action against Goyal’s license.

November 1 – Under continued pressure from the criminal case, Goyal and the Board mutually agree to suspend his full dental license and the board’s investigation until his trial next year.