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Phoenix police release video of a man shot while holding a baby

Posted at 7:21 PM, Jan 25, 2021

PHOENIX — Phoenix police have released a video showing a deadly confrontation between a man holding a baby and officers earlier this month.

Police were called out to a motel near 7th Avenue and Van Buren Street on Jan. 9.

Security cameras show a man and woman wrestling over a baby in the parking lot.

Officers identified the man as 37-year-old Paul Bolden, and they say he grabbed the baby and ran into the street. He stopped a random car. On the police body-cam video, Bolden is heard firing at least one shot while standing in front of the car and holding the baby.

Within a minute, four police officers arrived on the scene. They tell Bolden to stop and drop the gun.

One officer shot Bolden in the head with a rifle, and a second officer ran to rescue the boy.

Bolden's girlfriend, Priscilla Chavez, said he typically was a doting dad and the love of her life. However, Chavez said Bolden had been awake for four days doing drugs at the time of the shooting. Even so, Chavez said she believes officers did not have to shoot him in the head.

Bolden died at the hospital.

Both Chavez and the 1-year-old baby, Casino, were not seriously injured. The driver of the car Bolden stopped was also uninjured.