Fake doctor arrested and charged with 29 crimes after undercover ABC15 investigation

Posted at 9:52 PM, Mar 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-21 15:46:49-04

A convicted felon turned impostor doctor has been indicted and arrested after an undercover ABC15 investigation exposed the man illegally treating patients without medical and cosmetic licenses. 

Craig Allen Scherf was arrested on Sunday by state and local law enforcement in Payson at a small coffee shop Scherf claims to run.

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Court records show a grand jury indicted Scherf on 29 total criminal counts, including more than a dozen charges for unlawful practice of medicine. 

Craig Allen Scherf indictment by Dave Biscobing on Scribd

In an interview with ABC15, Attorney General Mark Brnovich encouraged more victims to come forward, meaning more charges could be forthcoming.

“These are allegations that are very serious,” Brnovich said. “This is a public health issue.”


In late January, an undercover ABC15 investigation exposed Craig Allen Scherf posing as a doctor.

Scherf’s calls his business several names: My MD Clinic, My Laser Center, My Body Lip Laser, and BNH Health. He also calls himself “Dr. Craig” and offered a long list of medical and cosmetic procedures, including popular skin treatment injections, laser hair removal and human growth hormone.

However, ABC15 found Scherf doesn’t have state licenses to perform those procedures.

Despite the undercover video, victim interviews, and documents that show Scherf telling people he’s a doctor, he denies referring to himself as “Dr. Craig.”Scherf was calling himself “Dr. Craig,” and he was running a small medical clinic and performing skin injections, laser treatments, and other procedures without a license.

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The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is also urging anyone that may have seen Scherf as a patient to contact his office and to get checked out by a real medical professional.

Brnovich said that there are concerns about Scherf possibly re-using syringes and it’s unknown what type of substances he was using on patients.

The Attorney General’s contact phone number is 602-542-4973.

Attorney General’s Office Special Agent Madison MacDonald investigated the case.

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