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Board approves complaint against unlicensed 'psychologist'

Posted at 1:27 PM, Apr 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-16 20:46:52-04

PHOENIX — The state psychology board decided to advance a complaint against a “clinical psychologist” accused of practicing without a license, misrepresenting her credentials, billing concerns, and repeated instances of unethical conduct.

In a complaint screening hearing on Wednesday, an Arizona Board of Psychological Examiners’ committee unanimously voted to forward a case against Dr. Marilyn Wiley to the full board for further investigation and consideration.

The board also voted to subpoena records from Wiley’s supervisor, Dr. Sarette Zacheria, and the Scottsdale-based company who employed them, Vibrant Health Care.

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A complaint was filed against Wiley and Zacheria by Reginald Jackson and his fiancé.

In an investigative report last week, ABC15 interviewed Jackson, who claimed he was duped into believing Wiley was licensed and legitimate. He provided bills showing he had dozens of appointments with Wiley from late 2017 through mid-2019.

“I saw this doctor for a year and a half,” Jackson said. “I’m not fixed. I’m not better. This is constant suffering, and she should not be practicing.”

Wiley has twice applied for licensure with the state board. But she failed to pass the competency exam both times, according to board officials.

On, Wiley claims to have a Ph.D. from Walden University, an online for-profit college, and says she belonged to both the Arizona and American Psychological Associations. Both organizations told ABC15 she is not a member.

She was hired by Vibrant Health Care as a “psychology associate,” a position designed for an unlicensed person to obtain practice hours under the supervision of a psychologist.

But in social media photos, Wiley had photos of herself holding a stethoscope and wearing a white coat with “clinical psychologist” stitched on the front.

In Arizona, it’s illegal to call yourself a “psychologist” without a license or advertise yourself with the term “psychology.”

During the board hearing, Wiley spoke to members remotely on the phone and admitted to wearing a white jacket with “clinical psychologist” embroidered on the front.

Zecharia also said over the phone that he instructed Wiley to stop wearing the white coat and calling herself a “clinical psychologist.”

Wiley told the board she informed all of her clients, including Jackson, that she was not licensed and under the supervision of Zecharia. However, neither Wiley nor Zecharia said they could produce documentation to prove it.

Board members repeatedly raised concerns about the lack of documentation and hoped subpoenas issued to Vibrant Health Care will help shed some light on this issue.

A date for future proceedings was not set at the hearing.

Jackson has also filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

ABC15 Investigator Dave Biscobing has spent years investigating unlicensed health care in Arizona. His reports have led to multiple arrests and convictions. Anyone with information about a medical impostor can reach him at