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ABC15 UNDERCOVER: Impostor nurse injecting patients at Scottsdale medspa

Posted at 10:18 PM, Mar 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-27 19:27:45-04

An ABC15 undercover investigation has discovered a medical impostor injecting people in a Scottsdale med spa and using another health professional’s license.

Ondranique Walls has been injecting people without a license at her business Adore Skin and Body Sculpting, which is located at a medical office complex near 90th Street and Shea Boulevard.

Multiple victims said Walls claims to be a nurse named “Brittany.”

“I think it’s disgusting. It’s despicable,” one victim said. “It really worries me about what else she’s capable of. Is she using clean needles? What is she putting into her products?”

ABC15 was contacted by the victim after a recent appointment.

So far, the station has spoken to four women who said they were injected by Walls, including one outside the med spa after she walked out of an appointment.

Adore Skin and Body Sculpting offers a list of services like Botox, Dysport, other skin injections, lipo laser, and facelifts.

The company also advertises on A recent deal showed dozens of services at Adore Skin, and Body Sculpting have been purchased through the deal website.

ABC15 set up an appointment through the company’s website.


During an appointment on March 20, an ABC15 employee was recording with two hidden cameras. Walls told the employee she was the one who does the injections and even boasted about her skill.

“I’ve been told, not to brag, that I have a light hand,” she said.

ABC15 could not find any nursing license for Ondranique Walls in Arizona or any other state. The station also checked with officials at Arizona’s Nursing Board, who couldn’t find any record of a license.

When ABC15’s employee asked to see the license, she said it was available on the Arizona Nursing Board’s website and gave a specific first and last name that began with Brittany. The employee left the appointment saying he wanted to check her license before getting service.

After ABC15’s employee went back in to again ask for the name on her license, Walls wrote down the name on a piece of paper.

ABC15 is withholding the real nurse’s name to protect her identity.

Reached by phone, the real nurse said she was horrified to learn that Walls had been claiming to be her and is in contact with police.

The nurse also said that she once applied to work at Wall’s medspa last year, but their in-person interview was canceled.

The nurse believes that’s how and why Walls has been using her name.

At least three of the victims reached by ABC15 said they had filed reports with Scottsdale Police. Officials said the department now has an open investigation.

ABC15 tried speaking to Walls in person immediately after the undercover appointment. She refused to answer questions. In an email sent to her days later, Walls responded, “I'm not sure who's behind these evil accusations, however, I've never pretended to be anyone.”

Walls did not respond to another email with photos of ABC15’s undercover evidence attached.

Reporters confirmed Ondranique Wall’s identity using business records, lawsuits, and a federal bankruptcy case that list her company addresses.

She also appeared on ABC15’s Sonoran Living in July 2017 as the owner of the same medspa. She did not tout herself on the show as a person doing the procedures.

[Editor’s note: ABC15 Investigator Dave Biscobing has spent the past year investigating impostor health professionals. He’s finalizing a major project that will broadcast/publish in the coming weeks. Anyone with information about an impostor health professional can contact Dave at In a previous investigation, ABC15 busted a fake doctor, who’s now serving an 8-year prison sentence. The full series can be found at]