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Food truck owners struggle at the pump, while we hit another state gas price record

Posted at 6:01 PM, May 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-17 21:01:14-04

PHOENIX — Today we hit yet another record at the pump here in the state, averaging $4.81 per gallon.

That leaves local business owners who power their profits with gasoline dealing with big challenges.

“Your stomach will thank me later,” said the owner of The Taste food truck, Reginald Johnson.

That’s his promise when you eat his food.

“Because we have some of the best food you had in your entire life,” said Johnson.

He’s been cooking since he was 12 and finally opened up his food truck, The Taste, during the pandemic.

Johnson said it’s a passion project, but that passion comes at a price.

“Last week I spent $340 filling up my tank,” said Johnson.

For Johnson getting gas means more than just filling up his truck.

“Our gas prices have gone up 40 to 50 percent,” said Johnson. “We have to fill up propane. We have to fill up regular gas. We have to fill up diesel.”

He said sometimes throughout the day he has to stop and fill up the generator more than once.

Johnson told ABC15 he’s already raised prices slightly and has been considering other options.

“Recently I was just contemplating, you know what everything is going up we probably just need to find a sit-down restaurant so we can eliminate one of those costs,” said Johnson.

Triple AAA Arizona said the state has some of the highest prices in the country, along with our west coast neighbors.

“There’s some trucks that I know of that have shut down because of food costs and then also gas prices,” said Johnson.

Johnson says he’s grateful his truck is still staying afloat, and he’s using every resource he can to gain more customers.

“It’s a grind,” said Johnson. “It’s a hustle. You have to stay motivated to do this thing.”