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Animal Communicator claims to give pet perspective well beyond a wagging tail

A typical reading can be done over Zoom
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Posted at 4:37 AM, Nov 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-23 07:26:05-05

Pets provide unconditional love without uttering a word. ABC15 Mornings Anchors Nick Ciletti and Megan Thompson are both proud dog parents to two rescue dogs, Larry and Henry.

The pair always discusses how they wish their pet could talk about their past life and what they like or dislike.

So, Thompson found an East Valley Animal Communicator with clients around the world who claims she can be the bridge to hear from man's best friend.

Usually, pet parents have to look for clues to communicate - like a wagging tail, a case of the classic 'zoomies,' or maybe a slobbery kiss.

While Thompson and Ciletti look to piece together what they think their pets are trying to say, Martha Weisman says she actually knows.

"Dogs, especially, are very animated and they have a lot to say," Weisman laughed.

Weisman lives in Gilbert and runs Azure Moon Healing. She claims she can talk to pets who have passed and who are still with their pet parents.

"I've done a bearded dragon once... horses, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, sheep, goats, pigs," Weisman listed off. "I've done a lot of different animals."

She tells ABC15 the bearded dragon was not too talkative — but Larry and Henry sure were.

"You gave him a hug and kiss and he looked at me and went, 'Oh my God, he's so over the top,'" Weisman said as she conducted a reading with Larry.

Nick's dog has spent seven years in the lap of luxury, but that was not always the case.

"He comes from an abusive background and neglect," Weisman said.

She was correct. Ciletti said Larry was rescued from a suspected puppy mill and hoarding situation in October 2015.

"It breaks my heart to think about it so I just feel like in the seven years that I've had him, I've just tried to shower him with as much love as I can," Ciletti explained.

He wanted to know if Larry is happy after his rough past and if he has likes or dislikes of his dog dad.

"So, he's showing me that you take him... you take him on car rides - fast food places," Weisman said.

"Sometimes, yeah. There was one recently, yeah," Ciletti laughed.

Larry the Frenchie tells Ciletti through Weisman, he sure loves those French fries and is protective of new people in Ciletti's life.

"It takes him a while to warm up and I have to kind of do it slowly," Ciletti said after the revelation.

"Oh yeah, he's very protective of you. He goes, 'I watch him like a hawk,'" Weisman said.

Ciletti quickly responded, "He does!"

A typical reading can be done over Zoom, which Henry and Thompson did a few months ago.

"I ask for a picture, and it shows the eyes," Weisman explained. "That's what I really need."

She said many people, like Ciletti and Thompson, are just curious to hear from the silent member of their family.

"We just start asking questions. If it's a healing situation... a behavioral situation - I like to start with clearing the energy."

Of course, Weisman knows, not everyone believes in this. But that is not who she does this for.

"I absolutely believe in what I do, and I know that it helps people understand their animals or it helps people get over that grieving process," Weisman said. "That's really all that matters to me because if I did not believe in this, I wouldn't be doing it."

Interested in learning more? Click here for Weisman's website.