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When does a pet wellness plan end? Consumer told to pay even at death

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Posted at 4:43 AM, May 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-29 22:54:42-04

Pet wellness plans are becoming more popular. Some employers even offer the plans — but what happens when your pet dies?

"It was really hard. It was unexpected," Lindsey says about her dog, Muffin's, death.

As she dealt with that, Lindsey also tried canceling her dog's pet wellness plan.

She thought it would be easy.

"Any services I used from the plan, essentially I thought I paid as I went," Lindsey says.

Instead, she says she was told she'd have to continue making monthly payments on the policy and that it was part of her contract.

The other option was to pay a $569 cancellation fee.

Overwhelmed, she says she paid the $569.

"I thought it was the only thing I can do to start the healing process," Lindsey says.

But she had second thoughts and when she couldn't get anywhere with the company, Lindsey let me know.

"I placed trust in you and your team," she says.

Our Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau team takes on consumer problems every day. We've helped thousands of people like Lindsey — and like John who had trouble getting a different refund.

John says a home care service sent a $1,500 refund check but it bounced.

He says the company "continues to avoid me."

Our problem-solvers got involved and in less than a month, John got his check, and this time he let us know "the check cleared."

He was "thankful" for all of the help.

Problem solved!

Meanwhile, a $26,000 hospital bill had Edward in a panic.

"I have told them I can't afford this payment. I asked for a payment plan they said no. They call me every day," Edward says.

He let me know and after our volunteer Emily took on the case, Edward's $26,119 bill was cut by a lot!

The hospital emailed Emily saying "our records show the patient owes $495 for this particular procedure."

Another big problem solved!

Back to Lindsey and her pet health plan issue, she says, "as soon as I talked to Grant, I felt relief."

Our problem solver volunteer Grant worked with Lindsey as a partner.

"He asked questions that were hard but important and his goal was to get answers quickly and resolve it quickly," Lindsey says.

After going back and forth with the company, Grant had some great news.

"The amount I paid to cancel the plan was refunded to me in full," Lindsey says.

That $569 was back in Lindsey's pocket.

She tells me she's "very happy, very happy. I have a solution to my problem."

Pet wellness policies and pet insurance are not the same.

Make sure you know the difference, what they cover and cancellation rules.

We can help you too. Email me: