Are you a renter? Know your rights

Posted at 4:02 PM, Mar 09, 2017
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Knowing your rights at a tenant is important. For instance, how do you get your rental deposit back? Can you make repairs and give the bill to your landlord?

There are steps you must take, by law, to use your renter's rights. Here are some tips:

1. Put your concerns in writing

Document what happened and send it in the mail to your landlord. From there, your landlord will have 10 days to make repairs. If it affects health or safety, they have five days or you can legally void the lease without repercussions. 

2. Document the home's condition when moving in and out

As soon as you move into a new apartment, condo or house, take pictures. Be sure to also take photos when moving out during the final inspection. Having proof of the home's condition will ensure that you're not responsible for any damages that you didn't create. Let the landlord know you have the right to clean, paint or take care of issues yourself.  

3. Request list of expenses if deposit is kept

Your landlord must return your deposit within two weeks. If not, demand a list of expenses and a receipt.

4. Never withhold rent

Threatening to withhold your rent won't work in your favor. Instead, if you're having a disagreement with a landlord, you may have to hire an attorney and g to court. Small claims court is an option for smaller amounts. Either way, get your proof ready — including emails and texts from landlords. 

Click herefor Arizona laws involving landlord/tenant issues.

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