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Waiting on repairs weeks after Phoenix apartment flooded

Posted at 5:00 AM, Aug 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-17 10:33:21-04

A Valley woman's apartment flooded weeks ago, but repairs are yet to happen.

"We're living out of our bedroom. We have to eat and sleep in there at all times," said Melissa.

She says they have been forced to exist in a single room after her unit at Banyantree Apartments started to flood back in early July.

"It just would not stop coming out. So it just started going everywhere. And it started smelling really bad," said Melissa.

She says management sent repairmen, but couldn't locate the problem or once they did, weren't equipped to handle it leading to one delay after another.

Now, a month later, Melissa says she's had to send her kids to stay with family worried about the potential health concerns the longer they wait.

"I never wanted to go this far. But you know, they get to go home happily comfortable with their families at night, while I'm sitting here suffering," said Melissa.

After emailing and calling both the management company and the complex with no response we showed up at the apartment office demanding answers.

However, they were unresponsive saying it's a management issue and that it was out of their hands.

"You know, this is supposed to be our home, and it doesn't feel like a home at all," said Melissa.

What should you do if in a similar situation?

Document your requests for repairs.

The City of Phoenix and Community Legal Services have templates you can fill out and give to your landlord.

If no action is taken within a reasonable amount of time - anywhere between 24 hours and 5 days depending on the issue - you can deduct costs from things like hotel stays from your rent or break your lease.

Be sure to keep receipts in case you're challenged in court.