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Valley woman drops classes, gets refund

Posted at 8:14 PM, Feb 02, 2018

Viewer Louisa was only 24 credit hours away from earning her bachelor's degree in public administration.

So when illness forced her to drop her classes at Northern Arizona University last Fall, she knew she would be back.

But getting her money back was a different story.

She had just missed the withdrawal deadline to get a full refund. So not only had she lost the $753 she paid out of pocket, but she owed the school more than $1900.
"Every time I get these (bills) I cannot sleep! Oh my God how am I going to pay all these bills?" she asked.

Louisa couldn't afford to give up. So she let me know and the Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteer Ethel jumped in.

She took Louisa's case to the Registrar, and Ethel got them to take another look.

In a statement NAU President Rita Cheng says: 

"At Northern Arizona University, our primary purpose is to help our students achieve their goals of a college degree, but we also work to be mindful of extenuating circumstances, like an unfortunate illness. We are thankful that ABC15 reached out to us about our student's needs and that we were able to help meet those needs. We wish her the best in her recovery and are looking forward to welcoming her back to NAU when she is feeling better."

"It was zero balance. They cleared it. I was so happy," said Louisa.

Relief, so now she can focus on getting healthy.

Great work to Ethel for seeing this through and a big thanks to NAU for reconsidering.