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Valley "sham" charity forced to pay

Small amount from "charity" that took in millions
Posted at 6:00 AM, Jun 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-24 10:21:52-04

It was called Breast Cancer Society Inc. and it operated out of Mesa. It was listed as a charity. But the government says it was all a "sham."

They took action against the "charity" in 2015 and it was shut down.

Recently, the Arizona Attorney General and others announced $2.5 million gained from selling off assets, will go to cancer centers across the country.

But, that's a very small part of the $187 million the Feds say this and three other related "sham" charities took in during a four year period.

Years earlier, in 2012, our investigation exposed what was really going on inside Breast Cancer Society Inc.

They said part of their mission was to provide cancer patients with belongings they would need during or after treatment.

But we saw empty shelves and very little that would substantially help them.

The charity also claimed they had an assistance program that paid the bills of breast cancer patients.

I tried getting the amount they spent to pay those bills.

But the charity's director, James Reynolds II couldn't come up with an answer.

He couldn't even give me a range.

When I asked for receipts for other money Reynolds claimed to use for charitable purposes, I got nothing.

In fact, we couldn't find anyone getting any real help from this charity.

We did find Reynolds made $600,000 over a two year period.

The government's action involved it and three other charities called "shams" and all run by Reynolds and his family.

Out of the $187 million, the feds say was taken in by these charities, they say only 3% went to the people they claimed to help.

The rest, they say, went to salaries, vacations, cars, boats and more.

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