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Valley homeowners pay thousands upfront, contractor accused of not doing the work

Posted at 7:38 AM, Nov 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-01 21:40:03-04

They paid for windows, doors, and bathroom renovations.

But in their cases, the contractor took the money and didn't do the work.

Those are the allegations against Az Windows Doors & Baths LLC, also known as RemodAZ.

Jeff hired the business back in January to replace some windows.

The contract says the retail price was more than $22,000.

But it also states a cash price of just $9,100.

"They said they would need a down payment of $7,586," he says.

Jeff paid it after being told he would be getting that hugely discounted contractor's price.

But the six-week completion date came and went.

"Every time they called, they had a different excuse," he says.

Now 10 months later, Jeff says he only got a water heater that wasn't even part of the contract.

He let me know, and I contacted RemodAZ owner Tammy Robinson.

She said they "have come to an agreement with Jeff."

But Jeff said that was not true.

"They're so rude, not to even answer my phone calls," he says.

We wanted to know more about that agreement and visited the RemodAZ offices in Phoenix.

But we found a locked door and a business that appears to have cleared out.

It turns out Jeff's complaint is just one of many.

While RemodAZ had his cash, the state says more than a dozen other homeowners were complaining that the same thing happened to them.

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) says they have five active complaints involving AZ Windows Doors & Baths LLC (RemodAZ).

And the ROC alleges that eight other cases were only resolved after a homeowner filed a complaint with the ROC.

Allegations are "abandonment and poor work" and that the business accepted payment but didn't finish unless threatened by the state.

ROC documents also show an allegation that the owner-operated an unlicensed business called Bath Logic.

The ROC suspended the contracting license for AZ Windows Doors & Baths (RemodAZ).

Jeff says every day, he thinks about getting his thousands of dollars back.

"I'm at a point I don't know what else to do," he says.

Jeff says he filed a complaint with the ROC.

Owner Tammy Robinson declined an on-camera interview.

But about the agreement with Jeff, she says there was a "mixup."

In an email to the Let Joe Know team, Robinson says "I will be refunding him more than my employee agreed to."

Robinson didn't comment on the license suspension.

We'll stay on this one.

If hiring a contractor, avoid large upfront deposits.

Instead, pay per progress and have that written into the contract.

Also, check the ROC for complaints against a contractor's license.

And if you're a victim of a licensed contractor, the state's Recovery Fund may have money for you.