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Trying to reschedule a postponed vacation? Let Joe Know team helps one frustrated couple

Posted at 5:00 AM, Aug 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-31 10:03:47-04

Dennis Bogart and his wife were all set to go on an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic when the pandemic put an end to that dream.

The couple won the trip through a Delta Airlines contest in April of 2020.

When they had to postpone, they say they were told there would be no problem rebooking.

But that wasn't what happened.

"Nobody answered the phone numbers, nobody answered the texts, emails anything," Dennis says.

They say they tried for two weeks to get some help.

"My wife kept trying, kept trying saying I'm just going to give up. We're never going to get it," Dennis says.

That's when he had an idea.

"I said oh, let's let Joe know, give that a try. She said I don't think he'd do anything like that since it's just a personal vacation," he says.

When we found out, our Let Joe Know/ Better Business Bureau volunteer team went to work.

Sometimes Arizonans turn to us with issues just a few months old, like Dennis.

Other times, it can be years later like what happened to Bryan who found he was owed money from 2013!

Bryan says he checked the state's unclaimed property site and found Chrysler owed him $1,416 "due to a clerical error" involving a truck.

He says Chrysler "mistyped his address" among other things.

When he couldn't get the money on his own, Bryan let me know by saying, "as a medically retired firefighter, it is a lot of money to me."

Let Joe Know volunteer Karen took on the case and got some great news.

Brian told Karen he had been "working on this for a year and a half and one call from us, he got his check."

He called the volunteer team "rock stars."

The Arizona Department of Revenue's unclaimed property program is full of old bank account contents, returned checks and other valuables from owners who can't be found.

To see if you have unclaimed property, go to their site.

Back to Dennis and his beachfront vacation, after we got involved, there was more to celebrate.

He finally got a call from Delta.

"Whatever you need you got it. Here's your dates, times, flights," Dennis says Delta told him.

Our problem solver Emily has the trip all set up for September.

Dennis says "she's worth every accolade we can give her. Just fantastic."

Our Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteers work every day to help you.

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