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Surprise bills and unemployment benefits, Arizonans turn to Let Joe Know for help

Posted at 4:00 AM, Oct 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-16 10:25:43-04

PHOENIX — With so many people out of work or facing financial trouble, what a time to get a surprise medical bill. One Arizona woman has been fighting that for months.

Pamela says she thought her insurance paid all her Mercy Gilbert Hospital ER bills. But she writes "the ER doctor (who worked for a different company) did not submit their bill to insurance and did not mail me a bill."

It happened last year, but Pamela says she found out while shopping for a car. She says her credit score dipped by 100 points because the unknown bill had gone to collections.

"I can't clear my credit record unless I pay $1,026. Had they properly submitted the bill to insurance, it would have been covered 100%," Pamela says.

The Let Joe Know Better Business Bureau volunteers took over. Volunteer Emily worked with the doctor's group. It took a week and Pamela sent a note saying they are "writing off the charge and my credit will be cleared."

She says, "I pretty much burst into tears when I heard."

Great news during some bad financial times...

And while so many people are still waiting to get their unemployment benefits, we have good news about one woman you may remember.

For years, Pat worked guest relations for the Arizona Diamondbacks and a few other places. In May, she told us, "I work four part-time jobs and love every one of them."

A few months ago, with no baseball, she let me know she couldn't get any unemployment help. We took her case to the state's Department of Economic Security and Pat says she got a check for $2,151.

But she says that money stopped. So, we got involved again and we just heard from Pat. She said the issues were "immediately corrected."

"I'm extremely happy to tell you I received all of my unemployment funds this morning. I can't thank you enough," she said.

Great to hear! And we're continuing to push the state for help involving others still waiting for their benefits.

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