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Summer heat and tire blowouts. Are you safe?

6 quick ways to check your tire safety
Posted at 6:00 AM, May 24, 2019

Taking any summer road trips? Before you head out, here are some tire tips to keep your vacation on track:

TIRE PRESSURE IS CRUCIAL: Check when your tires are cold and fill to the PSI number listed inside your car's driver side door.
WORN TIRES ARE DANGEROUS: Take a penny, place it upside down near a tread. If you see all of Lincoln's head, its time to tire shop.
SIDEWALLS GIVE CLUES: Check the outside of your tire for blisters, cracks, and bulges. They could lead to a blowout.
TIRE AGE MATTERS: It is recommended to replace every six to ten years. To find the manufacturing date, look for D-O-T on your tire. The last four digits are week and year made. 2215 means the 22nd week of 2015.
CHECK THOSE RATINGS: Temperature, traction, and treadwear ratingsare listed on the tire. A's and highest numbers are best.
KNOW YOUR RECALLS: By going to and checking your tire brand and line there.

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