Manufacturer cuts ties with Valley spa business

Posted at 3:19 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-31 00:40:28-04
Mr. Spa used to have five stores in the Valley. Now they have just two.
And one of the manufacturers they counted on, broke ties with them.
This all comes after customer complaints that Mr. Spa wasn't delivering spas in a timely manner, even after they were paid.
We've followed owner Dave Miller since he took over Mr. Spa.
Customers say Miller has blamed production delays for some of the problems.
He also claims he didn't get timely funding from some customers.
This week, Bullfrong Spas broke ties with Mr. Spa saying there were no lengthy production delays on their end.
And Bullfrong is helping "around a dozen" customers get the spas they paid for.
Miller did not comment for this story.
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