How long is too long for consignment payment?

Posted at 6:43 PM, Apr 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-19 14:47:35-04
It isn't always easy getting rid of personal belongings. Trusting a consignment shop is one way to get paid to clean out your home. 
But Irene Yurko thinks she picked the wrong business. Irene tried selling two rings through Arizona Antique Shows.
Instead of getting the $3,300 owed, she says she got excuses from owner Wanda Jones. Finally, Irene got two checks, but both bounced.
Since it had been two years since the first incident, Irene let me know about it.
We contacted Jones, and Irene finally got her $3,300 saying "it's wonderful."
"I'm very grateful and couldn't be happier," she said. 
In an email to us, Jones says consignment dates are left "open ended" and that Irene agreed to that.
About the two bad checks, she says she believed the items were sold, so she sent Irene two checks.
But Jones says the clients "fell through on payments" and that was a "lesson learned."
"Irene was paid in full," Jones said. "Bottom line, we stand behind our commitments and make good."
We've seen issues with some consignors before. Make sure your items are listed in a contract as well as expectations about amounts and date for pay.
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