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Renters with no AC? Tell your landlord you have rights!

Posted at 7:03 PM, Jul 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-04 12:43:33-04

You practically can't live during a Valley summer without working air conditioning.

But we've been hearing from some renters who say their a/c is out and the landlord is dragging their feet.

If you're a renter and your a/c isn't working, contact the landlord immediately.

Follow that up with a letter delivered by hand AND by certified mail as proof you need it repaired.

You're supposed to give them reasonable time, usually five days to make repairs.

But no air conditioning is a health issue.

If it's not getting repaired, you can either pay to have it fixed and deduct the cost from your rent, or you can find temporary housing and not pay for the days you didn't live in the rental.

Unfortunately, you may have to fight in court later if the landlord doesn't agree.

So make sure you have as much proof as possible.

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