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Refunds for some still uncertain after cruise lines cancel/suspend trips

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Posted at 12:28 PM, Apr 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-08 16:45:19-04

PHOENIX — The travel industry pandemic fallout continues as companies decide new paths moving forward, including how to deal with customers wanting refunds for canceled trips.

It seems there's a difference whether you travel by air, land or sea.

Miriam and David Killen were set to take their yearly trip overseas, a United Kingdom tour scheduled for last year, but the company, Trafalgar Tours, suspended it because of the pandemic.

The Killens were offered the same trip later for an added cost, but say the company "turned around and suspended it again."

The couple spent more than $5,000 and wanted a refund.

Tony Carbone and his wife also spent more than $5,000 for an Alaskan cruise on the Norwegian Cruise Line, but that company canceled because of COVID-19.

At that time Tony was offered a refund or he could re-schedule the trip for later, with added incentives.

He decided to reschedule but then the cruise was canceled.

In both cases it was the business, not the couples, that canceled or suspended the trips.

While airlines must refund money if it cancels, cruise lines and tour groups don't seem to have the same rules.

Norwegian is still not offering cruises and Miriam says Trafalgar isn't offering the exact trip she purchased.

They're both being told company policies won't allow money back.

Both couples came to Let Joe Know and we went to the companies to get answers.

Trafalgar Tours sent us their contract stating "We reserve the right to reschedule any departure and are not required to issue monetary reimbursement."

There was some good news however, the company wrote Miriam stating it has "agreed to issue a full refund for this booking and all monies paid to us. We are happy to make the exception."

There is also good news for Tony. After we contacted Norwegian Cruise Line, Tony says they "offered me a full refund... I thank you once again. Now I can decide when and if I want to go, after we get back to normal."

The pandemic has been very tough on travel businesses. So, thanks to Norwegian Cruise Line for coming through.

The Let Joe Know team is still working on Miriam's Trafalgar Tours issue.

Both couples purchased travel insurance but neither policy paid out.

One reason given was that a trip was suspended, not canceled.

Make sure to read all terms before buying travel insurance.