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Ransom demands and your child's safety!

Why your family needs a safe word!
Posted at 6:00 AM, Jan 06, 2020

It's a call no parent ever wants to get.

A man says he has your child and wants money or he'll kill her.

It happened to Jim Kidd.

"I heard what sounded like my daughter in distress. She called me 'daddy,' like she does when she's upset about something. It was very convincing," Jim says.

The kidnapper wanted Jim to drive to his bank and wire them $1000.

Jim thought he had no option but to do it.

But he did a smart thing before he left.

Jim was with a client at the time, and wrote a note asking the person to call police and have them follow him.

And they did.

An officer pulled up behind Jim, and before any money could be sent, the officer told Jim to call his daughter.

"I called and found out it was a big hoax," Jim said.

His 27 year-old daughter was just fine.

But Jim was rattled and wants other parents to be warned.

"Get another phone, call them, have someone contact them," he says.

It used to be called "The Grandparents Scam," where grandparents got calls about grand kids stranded or in danger and needing money.

My advice is for every family is to have a safe word.

In similar situations, ask for it to be repeated.

That way, you know who you are really talking to!