Phoenix and Lyft join forces to get commuters where they're going

Phoenix and Lyft join forces to get commuters where they're going
Posted at 3:48 PM, Oct 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-18 18:48:10-04

If your morning view is an endless line of cars, the City of Phoenix and Lyft's new partnership, dubbed the 'First Mile Last Mile Program,' could work for you.

"What this service does is allows you to take a Lyft to get from where you start, that doesn't have that transit service, to the nearest bus stop that works for you to get where you need to go in the day," Maria Hyatt, the City of Phoenix public transit director, said.

It's for anyone who hates sitting on jam-packed freeways. Or for those without access to their own car. Or for someone who simply wants to be green.

New Lyft riders can use the code PHXRIDES for $5 off each of their first five rides to transit stops. Existing Lyft users can use the code TRANSITPHX to get 20 percent off. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said rrideshare companies and public transit shouldn't be seen as competitors.

"Great cities are home to as many transportation options as possible," Mayor Stanton said. "Buses, light rail, bike sharing and ride sharing services, they're all part of a complete, modern and dependable transit network with many options to get you around safely and conveniently."

First Mile Last Mile is a six-month pilot program available in parts of north and south Phoenix. A city spokesperson tells us if it's successful, it could expand to more of the Valley.