Paddock customers to get refunds, court date

Posted at 5:56 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 21:03:37-04

Customers of Paddock and Cameo Pools can expect a couple of letters in the mail in the coming days.

The pool company's licenses were revoked in 2015, after dozens of complaints about abandoned jobs.

On Tuesday, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZROC) says it began sending notices of eligibility to customers who applied for restitution from the state's Residential Recovery Fund.

In all, the state says it received 78 administrative complaints. 46 of those complainants applied for the fund. 38 were deemed to be eligible for up to $30,000. Some customers were not eligible because they hired the companies after the licenses had been suspended, according to the AZROC.

As it stands now, approximately $352,620 is expected to be paid out from the fund to cover both Paddock and Cameo licenses. The maximum allowed is $400,000.

Another letter customers and contractors can expect is from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of Arizona. The companies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February.

Filings show dozens of  companies, customers and government agencies are listed as creditors, with debts of more than $2 million.

A meeting of the creditors is scheduled for Tuesday March 29, 10 am at US Trustee Meeting Room, 230 N. First Avenue, Suite 102, in Phoenix.

A court spokesperson tells us, creditors will have the opportunity to ask questions of those in charge of the companies.

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