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No car title for months, the Let Joe Know Team takes action

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Posted at 5:00 AM, May 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-25 09:48:54-04

When the pandemic hit many services offered at Arizona Motor Vehicle Services (MVD) were delayed because of reduced hours and limited staff. It has caused a headache for many Arizonans.

However, as things return to a new normal, the MVD says their turnaround times are back to pre-pandemic norms. They say new registrations and plates take about 4 weeks to reach customers by mail.

So, when David reached out to the Let Joe Know Team saying he still didn't have his registration or plates for a car purchased in early February, we wanted to help.

"It was always the same thing. You know, it's the MVD is very slow. It's COVID. Don't worry, Dave, you'll get your plates, no big deal," said David about his conversations with the dealership.

After his temporary plates expired twice and the dealer continued to give him the runaround David decided to go straight to the MVD.

"I spent almost two hours down there," said David.

Though David had made three payments on the car, he says the MVD told him it was still in the old owner's name.

The MVD tells us "dealers have up to 45 days to submit title work to MVD after a customer purchases a vehicle."

The MVD is processing and mailing documents and credentials in a timely manner. There are no backlogs or delays. From the time information is submitted to the MVD, items are processed, mailed, and received by customers in 7-10 business days.

ADOT encourages buyers to take steps to eliminate potential frustrations prior to purchasing a car and created this “car buying” checklist, which offers tips for buying a car.

The dealer told David he had to bring the car back in for emissions testing, which was supposed to be done before the car was sold.

"I said, what how is that possible?" said David.

We reached out to AutoNation to find out what was going on and they jumped into action. David says they called him the same day.

He says they apologized for the delays and miscommunication. They later told us there was a flaw in their computer system when the car was first processed.

Not only did AutoNation promise to make sure the MVD paper was submitted correctly, but David also says AutoNation refunded him the money he paid for a temporary tag, a tank of gas, and even made a car payment for him.

Thank you to AutoNation for stepping up and making things right.

If you have a problem like David's, we want to help.