New homeowners continue fight over builder issue

Posted at 7:06 PM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 22:07:01-04

It's amazing how a seemingly simple problem can become such a huge headache.

Jim and Anne Bower moved into their new Valley home expecting no issues. But their refrigerator door wouldn't open wide enough to allow their drawers to pull out fully. The door would hit on the side cabinet.

They let us know that the builder, William Lyon Homes, wasn't willing to fix the problem. The Registrar of Contractor also dismissed their complaint.

We aired a story on the matter a few months ago.

Then things seem to change.

The ROC's Compliance Management saw our story, looked into the case and instructed the investigator to reopen Jim's complaint. The ended up issuing the builder two violations involving workmanship standards.

But instead of now fixing the problem, William Lyon Homes disputed the charges — they offered the Bowers a different refrigerator/freezer option. The Bower's say that still wouldn't solve the door hitting the cabinet. They also say the larger top door would now create a "hard-to-get-by" space issue.

The Bower's say the solution is re-working the cabinets to allow for more space. They referenced a neighbor who had the corrective work done by William Lyon Homes.

The builder tells us those are two different situations.

In July, an administrative judge will hear both sides and make a decision.

Jim Bower says he's getting tired of the fight. But when you buy a new home, you don't expect issues like this.