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Need an airline refund? Let Joe Know!

Posted at 6:53 PM, Jan 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-27 08:30:27-05

When a Valley woman bought airline tickets to visit her daughter, she didn't know the bad news coming.

Nancy was diagnosed with lung cancer.

She need treatment, couldn't take the trip, and couldn't get a refund.

So Nancy let me know.

Our Better Business Bureau/Let Joe Know volunteer team went to work.

Volunteer Jim took it on and in a week, got Nancy a full refund of nearly $300.

Most airlines have ticket change fees that can eat up the whole cost of the ticket itself.

When Gloria couldn't get a contractor to start the job, she let me know.

Gloria had already paid $4400 upfront.

BBB/Let Joe Know team volunteer Grant got the contracts and got action.

In two weeks, Gloria had her new kitchen and even got a $500 discount!

And when Sharon in Mesa found her husband had ordered magazines, she let me know.

He's a heart patient on "all kinds of medications" and ordered $1370 worth of subscriptions.

Volunteer Barbara talked to a supervisor who found Sharon's husband may not have been "completely aware" of what he was doing.

He canceled the order, refunded the money and even put the couple's number on the Do Not Call Registry.

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