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Legal help at a lower cost

Posted at 5:51 AM, Mar 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-13 10:40:20-04

Need a lawyer, but it costs too much? There are organizations throughout Arizona that offer free or low-cost help...if you qualify!

First, determine what you need.

The Maricopa County BarLawyer Referral Service can help.

For about $40, you can consult with an attorney and decide.

Next question: do you qualify for low-cost help?

Azlawhelp.orghas a list of organizations across the state that offer low-cost or free services if you meet certain qualifications.

Community Legal Services offers help with housing, benefits, taxes, employment, domestic violence and many other consumer issues.

It's a free service if your income is $31,000 or less for a family of four.

But, higher incomes might qualify depending on the issue.

Thought of suing someone yourself?

Check your county's small claims court. In Maricopa County, it costs $53 to file and you can sue for up to $3,500.

Small claims might be good for security deposit returns, contractor issues and car repairs.

A couple of years ago, one consumer even sued an airline and won.