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Law to fairly compensate homeowners awaits Gov. Ducey signature

Posted at 6:36 PM, Apr 17, 2018

Good consumer news doesn't come often so when we hear about we have to let you know.

Credit scores to jump
If you have a tax lien on your property, it could be coming off of you credit report very soon. reports that tax lien data is being removed from 5.5 million credit reports. That move could raise scores by up to 30 points. Apparently the change was sparked by bad information ending up on the wrong credit reports too often. Doesn't mean you shouldn't pay off those tax liens and it doesn't mean lenders won't ask about them. 

Compensation for condo owners
Finally, some good news for condo owners being kicked out by investors. The Let Joe Know team has been reporting on the Condominium Termination law which allows investors to take over a condominium association if it owns 80 percent of the units. The other owners are kicked out and paid what the investor's appraiser decides is fair. House Bill 2262 takes a step toward fair compensation for the owner, if Governor Doug Ducey signs it. A mirror bill was also introduced in the Senate.
Under the new law owners would be entitled to get their own appraisal and 5 percent of the purchase price of their home when investors decide to buyout the HOA and take it over. Again, the bill is awaiting the Governor's signature. We'll let you know what he does.


Your Facebook data revealed
Finally, we've been hearing a lot about Facebook and data recently.  But what does that really include? Every picture, post and like is archived and--depending on your security settings--shared with third parties.  But now there is a simple way to find out all of the information Facebook has on you.  To do that, to go "Settings." At the bottom of "General Account Settings" you'll find a link to "Download a copy of your Facebook data."