Political mail using scare tactics to get money?

Posted at 2:58 PM, Feb 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-15 20:41:53-05
"High Risk Warning" and "Senior Citizen Emergency Notice."
That's what the letters say on the outside.
And they have been flooding one Valley woman's mailbox.
But her daughter's worried about what's on the inside.
Jo Foust says, "the deeper i looked, the more curious and concerned and almost outraged I became."
Jo's mom has gotten nearly a thousand of them in the last few months. All of them ask for money.
She's concerned seniors are targets and that scare tactics are used to get money out of them.
"So much of these are going to say "final notice" and "payment due." Older folks don't all know it isn't a bill that's due," Jo tells me.
Many of the letters I saw concerned losing Social Security or Medicare.
Others wanted to "stop Hillary" or "Impeach Obama."
Jo says it's also a waste of paper and postage.
So she let me know about it and the Assistance League of Phoenix volunteer team went to work.
Volunteer Jay and I tried calling back most of the letter senders asking Jo's mom being taken off the mailing lists.
Jo had found most of the letters came from just a few sites under different organization names.
It will take a few weeks to know if the letters stop.
In the meantime, Jo warns anyone with a senior in their lives to check their mail.
She says make sure money isn't being given out of fear.
You can call the non-profit groups behind the letters and opt out of getting them.
For other junk mail, contact the Direct Marketing Association and ask that it be stopped.
To stop credit and insurance offers, call 888-567-8688 or go to
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