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Is a pet on your Christmas list? Questions to ask before giving a pet for Christmas

Do's and Don'ts of pet giving and receiving
Posted at 5:32 PM, Dec 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-21 19:06:31-05

PHOENIX — Pets can be great Christmas gifts, but there are some things you should ask yourself before putting a pet on your wish list.

Can you commit to caring for a pet if you have a new child or move?

Do you travel? Will someone be there for care and comfort?

Can you afford food and vet care?

Are there children or other pets to consider?

Bretta Nelson is with the Arizona Humane Society.

She encourages pet giving over the holidays and says they even have a 100% take back guarantee.

While they hope for a commitment, if for some reason the pet isn't a good fit, they will take it back anytime and give a full refund.

That's not something you would likely get if you buy a pet on Craigslist or from an unknown website.

At the Humane Society, they encourage meeting with the animals before adopting.

Adoptions cost on average about $161 and include among other things, spay/neutering, a microchip and a follow up vet visit.

Find out more about Arizona Humane Society adoptions.